Search & Rescue

  • Air scenting dogs typically work off-lead primarily use airborne human scent to find subjects. They locate scent from any human as opposed to a specific person and cover large areas of terrain. These dogs are trained to follow diffused or wind-borne scent back to its source, then to indicate their find to their handler.
  • Tracking dogs will typically work on lead and will mostly have their nose to the track following ground disturbance. They work through a variety of terrain and through maneuver turns and “double backs” that a subject might take.
  • Trailing dogs rely on the scent of a specific subject. Trailing dogs will work on and off lead. Trailing dogs follow a specific scent and work through all other human scents to get to the source. This means that they will venture off the actual path that a subject took if they discover a scent pool.
  • Toller’s work in many Search & Rescue teams as avalanche dogs, disaster dogs, and cadaver dogs. They are intelligent, love to work, lightweight, agile, and they have a keen nose. Notably, Tollers are the dog of choice for theĀ Alaska Avalanche Dog Program.