The Register of Merit Program (ROM ) is designed to allow the Club to maintain an honor roll of outstanding dams and sires in our breed. This program recognizes those Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers that have had an impact on our breed through their progeny.

The ROM program provides the basis for a historical record of those dogs and bitches that have produced outstanding offspring, as evidenced by the AKC and NSDTRC (USA) titles those offspring have earned.

A sire or dam is listed on the Register of Merit (ROM) when they attain the first level of recognition, through the achievements of their offspring.

The Register of Merit Excellent (ROMX) is a second, higher level of recognition for top producers.

Members do not apply for this program.

At the end of the awards year (June 30th), the Records Chair will compile a list of those sires and dams that meet the eligibility criteria each year. These dogs will then be inducted into the Registry at the Annual Meeting held each fall.

There is no time limit regarding ROM eligibility, dogs will continue to earn points for as long as their progeny continue to earn titles.

ROM/ROMX Program Description

Current ROMX/ROM Roster

Register of Merit ExcellentBreeder/OwnerYearSex
GCH NSDTRC/AKC CH Manitou’s Cristal Rose CD JH WCICynthia K. Lindemer & Grant Lindemer/Cynthia K. Lindemer & Grant Lindemer2022Dam
GCH CH Honeyrun High Noon At KeepsakeCorinne Beckner/Laura Smith2021Sire
Skylark’s Pistol Pete CD OA NAJ WC VCLaurie Geyer/Laurie Geyer2020Sire
NSDTRC/AKC GCH CH Lennoxlove Susqudilla’s Mini Cooper CD RA WCMarile Waterstraat & John Hamilton/Robyn Haskin & Paul Campanella & Marile Waterstraat & John Hamilton2018Sire
GCH CH Readyfor Going To The MaxJamie Klein & Andrea Jordan/Christina Calado & Andrew Calado2018Sire
HRCH AKC/Can/NSDTRC-US CH MACH Vermilion’s Twist’n Torque CDX RE MXB MJB MH WCX Can WCIBrody Koebensky/Brody Koebensky, Kathy Koebensky-Como2016Sire
NSDTRC CH Lonetree’s C. Quill Gordon AKC/NSDTRC CD WCXEvelyn & Nelson Williams/David & Betty King2014Sire
AKC/NSDTR/Can CH Vermilion’s Option Card CD US/Can WCKathy Koebensky-Como/Kathy Koebensky-Como & Jamie Como2013Dam
Am/Can Grand CH Kylador’s Bustin Thru Th’reeds CGC ADC AGI WCI CD JH JAMLillian M Greensides & Karen Lynn Wright/Christine Comfort2013Sire
HR Vildandens Neon af Nischi CD RA NA WCX JH VCAnette Bjorgell/Kathy Koebensky-Como & Jamie Como2013Sire
CAN/AKC/NSDTRC CH AKC OTCH CAN MOTCH Westerlea’s Sir Edmund UDX4 OM1 MH US/CAN WCX VCXAllison M. Strang/John A Simonson & Marie T Simonson2013Sire
AKC/NSDTRC CH Driftwood’s Coastal Clipper AKC/NSDTRC CD RE JH WCICarol M Milbury/Carol & Paul Milbury2012Sire
Lennoxlove Encore At SkylarkMarile A Waterstraat & John Hamilton/ Laurie Geyer2012Dam
AKC/NSDTRC CH Foxvale’s Lennoxlove Patriot WCMarile Waterstraat & John Hamilton/Jeffrey & Deb Gibbs2010Sire
NSDTRC CH Westerlea Coast’l Tradewinds AKC/NSDTRC CD RN WCIAlison Strang/George & Gretchen Botner2008Sire
AKC/NSDTRC CH Landew KD’s Prince of Tides CDX NSDTRC CD RN WCDana Hames Wertenberger/Dee & Kerry Nichols2008Sire
AKC/NSDTRC CH Fionavar Javahill Topgun CD WCT. Johnson & A. Nixon/Linda Fitzmaurice2008Sire
Register of MeritBreeder/OwnerYearSex
NSDTRC/AKC CH Cedar Fog’s Midnight Ride RN WCElizabeth Fogg/Elizabeth Fogg2023Dam
GCHB CH Javahill’s CharismaticL. Fitzmaurice/Kendyl Rich2023Dam
GCH NSDTRC/AKC CH Vermilion’s Dancing Waters of Brori RN BN RATN CGCKathy Koebensky-Como Jamie Como/Kirk Rich & Kathy Koebensky-Como2022Dam
GCHP NSDTRC/AKC CH Javahill Surf2 An 8 Second Ride BN RNApril Pasko & L. Fitzmaurice & Terri Krause/Kendyl Schultze 2022Sire
GCHS NSDTRC/AKC CH Redmoon’s What The Duck? CD RA AX MXJ JH WCXKendyl Schultze & L. Fitzmaurice/Kendyl Schultze2022Sire
GCH CH Tollerpride Gathering Storm RN John Gordon & Heather Gordon/John Gordon, Heather Gordon & Rick Fearon2021Sire
NSDTRC/AKC CH Javahill’s River Surfer WCXApril Pasko & Linda Fitzmaurice/Donna LaHaise2021Sire
GCH NSDTRC/AKC CH Manitou Let’s Dance On A Gold Star CD RA JH WCCynthia Lindemer & Grant Lindemer/Vicki Wagner & Barry Wagner2021Dam
NSDTRC/AKC CH Onepenny’s Roxy Redlight WCMairon Bennett/Francine Kaplan2021Dam
NSDTRC/AKC CH KD’s Willie Brinstone CDX BN RE NA OAP NJP NFP WCDee Nichols/Margaret Aldridge & William Aldridge2020Sire
Aqueus Oryxes Jibber The Kibber CD JHDanika Bannasch/Linda Belleau2020Sire
CH Katyra’s Flying SoloKathy Adorjan/Kathy Adorjan2020Sire
GCH CH Roaneden’s StarcatcherChristine Jones & Robert Jones/Christine Jones & Robert Jones2020 Dam
NSDTRC/AKC CH Hawks Nest Saranac Roll of the Dice CDX BN RAE JH OA OAJ NF CA WCI CGCA TKARochelle Kurth & Elizabeth Fogg/J. Annunziato2020Dam
GCH NSDTRC/AKC CH Kylador’s Quick Step CDX BN RM RAE JH WCI DS CGCALillian Greensides & Elissa Steinbock/Elizabeth Meacham2019Sire
GCH NSDTRC/AKC CH Roaneden’s CDN Gem O’Fourwinds BN RE CGC JH WCChristine Jones & Robert Jones/Kristina Mott, Benjamin Mott, Christine Jones & Robert Jones2019Dam
GCH NSDTRC/AKC CH Aqueus Ready for Briarglen MH NA NAJ WCXDanika Bannasch & Michael Bannasch/Kim Livingston2019Dam
GCH NSDTRC/AKC CH Manitou Aqueus All Spruced Up MH AX AXJ WCXCynthia Lindemer & Grant Lindemer/Danika Bannasch2019Dam
CH Beinnbhreaghs Canadian IdolDennis Tobin & Geralyn Tobin/Dennis Tobin & Geralyn Tobin2019Dam
GCH NSDTRC/AKC CH MACH Redleaf’s Diablo Rojo VCD2 CDX BN GN RE JH WC MXB MXJ MJB XF TD CA CGCA TKAJeff Beran/Constance Goetz & Ricci Goetz2018Sire
NSDTRC/AKC CH Vermillion’s GB Mega Priairefire JH WCIKathy Koebensky-Como & Paula Wortman/Jane Billman & Addie Gray2018Sire
GCH NSDTRC/AKC CH Manitou’s Cristal Rose JH WCICynthia Lindemer & Grant Lindemer/Cynthia Lindemer & Grant Lindemer2018Dam
GCH CH Javahill Surf’s Up At TollwestApril Pasko & Linda Fitzmaurice/Linda Fitzmaurice2018Dam
GCH CH Skylark’s Trick Or TreatLaurie Geyer/Laurie Geyer2018Dam
Shamrock’s Capt’n Jack SparrowRebecca Bovay & Jean Gilroy/Jean Gilroy2017Sire
Roaneden’s Int’l HarvesterRobert Jones & Christine Jones/Robert Jones & Christine Jones2017Sire
QuinnCreek’s Montana PremierTerri Krause/Terri Krause & Elizabeth Boryczka2017Sire
Lennoxlove’s Susquidilla’s Mini CooperMarile Waterstraat and John Hamilton/Robyn Haskin2017Sire
Water’s Edge Wake up CallDan Rode/Dan Rode2017Dam
Princess Cut Diamond BeekauzSharon Kauzlarich & Dan Kauzlarich/Daniel & Sharon Kauzlarich2017Dam
JavaHill’s Lucky LyraLinda Fitzmaurice/Peggy Uber & Kathy Como2017Dam
AKC GCH/CKC/NSDTRC-USA CH HRCH Cedar Fog Midnight Seduxtion UDX OM1 RA MH MX MXB MXJ MJB XF T2B WCX VCXElizabeth J. Fogg/Kathryn Guerra2016Sire
Can Am NSDTRC-USA CH Javahill’s I’m a B’liever CAN AM MH WCX CDLinda Fitzmaurice & Meredith Noreen/Donna LaHaise2016Sire
AKC GCH Vermilion’s GB Miss Ivy Beekauz RA CD WC CGCPaula Wortman/Dan & Sharon Kauzlarich2016Dam
AKC CKC NSDTRC-USA CH Fionavar Sea Fury At Javahill AM CAN JH CAN WCX AM WCIA. Nixon & T. Johnson/Linda Fitzmaurice2016Dam
AKC GCH/NSDTRC-USA/UKC/CKC CH Cayuga’s Summer Magic VCD2 CDX RAE TD BN OA OAJ OF WC VCX TDILee Ann Gleason & Sandra Shulte/Joy Annunziato2016Dam
AKC/NSDTRC-USA CH Beinnbhreagh Christmas Gift At Foxvale WCDennis Tobe & Geralyn Tobin/Debra Gibbs & Jeffrey Gibbs2016Dam
NSDTRC/AKC CH Kd’s Too Hot To Handle CD JH WCDee A. Nichols/Alyson Casper & Dee A. Nichols2015Dam
NSDTRC/AKC GCH Manitou’s Granturismo CD RE JHCindy Lindemer & Grant Lindemer/Cindy Lindemer & Grant Lindemer2015Sire
NSDTRC/AKC CH Littleriver’s Decoy Dancer UDX RE JH NA NAJ AXP AJPDouglas W. Coldwell/Corinne Beckner2015Sire
GCH CH Readyfor Going to the MaxJamie A. Klein & Andrea Jordan/Christina Calado & Andrew Calado2015Sire
GCH NDSTRC/AKC CH Aqueus Flying Dutchman SH WCXDanika Bannasch & Michael Bannasch/Danika Bannasch & Michael Bannasch2015Sire
GCH NSDTRC/AKC CH Manitou’s Catch A Maserati CD RE SH WCX VCXCynthia K. Lindemer & Grant Lindemer/Cynthia K. Lindemer & Grant Lindemer2015Sire
Sandycove At WesterleaJoan & Mac Noullett/Alison Strang, Sue Kish2014Sire
NSDTRC/AKC CH Sagewood’s Jinger Snap CD WCPatricia A Beran/Jeff Beran2014Dam
NSDTRC/AKC CH Keepsake’s Game On At Aqueus WCLaura Smith, Dee A Nichols/Danika & Michael Bannasch2014Dam
NSDTRC/AKC CH Aqueus Hop To It MH QX MXJ T2B WCX RATCHDanika Bannasch, Michael Bannasch/ Danika Bannasch, Michael Bannasch2013Sire
Am Can CH Javahill Torri Alohashine RE JHLinda Fitzmaurice/April Pasko, Linda Fitzmaurice & Cheryl Robertsson2013Dam
Am GCH/Can CH Littleriver’s Montana CowboyDouglas W. Coldwell/Terri L Krause & Douglas Coldwell2013Sire
UKC/NSDTRC/AKC GCH CH Cinnstar KD’s Red Tornado CD WCLaura Grossman White/Dee A. Nichols2013Sire
GMH CH OTCH Redadict Road Runner WCX AGN AGNJ ADC, US WCIAnnina Nurmikivi/Sue Kish2013Sire
AM/NSDTR CH Redrock’s Straight Shooter Am/Can MH WCXDominique Jolley/Nancy White, Jonathan White & Dominique Jolly2013Sire
HRCH AKC/Can/NSDTRC-US CH MACH Vermilion’s Twist’n Torque CDX RE MXB MJB MH WCX Can WCIBrody Koebensky/Brody Koebensky, Kathy Koebensky-Como2013Sire
Am/Can/NSDTRC-USA CH. SHR Vesper Mariner Coupe De Vale JH AX AXJ WCI VCXDiane Semper/Jeffery & Deb Gibbs2013Sire
AKC CH Honeyrun High Noon at KeepsakeCorrine Becknes/Laura Smith2013Sire
NSDTRC/AKC CH RedDog’s Peerless Parker CD JH WC VCXMardie Smith & Deborah Gressie/ Mardie Smith & Dana Smith2012Sire
CH Dalry Rise A Lil’El At BerdiaLarua Norie/Linda Fitzmaurice2012Dam
Can Ch Small Fetcher Don Giovanni CDMika Lehto/Judith Killam & Alison Strang2012Sire
NSDTRC/AKC CH OTCH Westerlea’s Sir Edmund UDX4 OM1 MH WCX VCXAlison M Strang/John A Simonson & Marie T Simonson2012Sire
CH Brandywine Lady of the WoodsPatricia Kinsley/Patricia Kinsley & Laura Ackerman2012Sire
CH Chesagrove’s Scotch Brigid RNShirl Devore/Kelly Barry & Shirl DeVore2012Sire
NSDTRC/AKC CH Vermilion’s Holy Hannah CD RN JH WCILinda Culligan Bruce & Kathy Koebensky-Como & Jamie Como/Dan Lind & Kathy Koebensky-Como & Jamie Como2012Dam
NSDTRC/AKC CH Vermilion’s Option Card CD WC VCKathy Koebensky-Como/Kathy Koebensky-Como & Jamie Como2012Dam
Beinnbhreaghs Take Em By StormGeralyn & Dennis Tobin2011Dam
CH Danbury’s Melody at KeepsakeDaniel E. Linder & Cheryl E Linder, DVM/Laura Smith2011Dam
Skylark’s Genuine RiskLaurie Geyer/Laurie Geyer2011Dam
AKC/NSDTRC Vermilion Joy4 Javahill RN SH WCXLinda Culligan Bruce & Kathy Koebensky-Como & Jamie Como/Linda Fitzmaurice2011Dam
Foxgrove’s Northern MoondanceSusan Kish/Ron Rebel2011Sire
AKC/NSDTRC CH KD’s Cedar Keepsake RN JH WCIDee A Nichols/Laura Smith2011Sire
AKC/NSDTRC CH Kylador’s Galactic Schooner CD JH WCLillian M. Greedsides & Karen Lynn Wright/Dee A Nichols2011Sire
Benili’s GhatsNina Fredriksson & Bengt Helge2010Sire
AKC/NSDTRC CH Sienna-Red Navigator NA WC VCBenita Rosenholm/Laurie Geyer2010Sire
Vildandens Neon Af Nischi CD RN JH WCX VCAnette Bjorgell/Kathy Koebensky-Como & Jamie Como2010Sire
Lennoxlove Encore At SkylarkMarile A Waterstraat & John Hamilton/Laurie Geyer2010Dam
NSDTRC CH Landew Vermilion Let’er Ride AKC/NSDTRC CD WC VCDana Hames Wertenberger/Kathy Koebensky-Como & Jamie Como2010Dam
NSDTRC CH Sagewood’s Hard Days Night WC VCPatricia A Beran/Francine W Kaplan2010Sire
Skylark’s Pistol Pete CD OA NAJ WC VCLaurie Geyer/Laurie Geyer2010Sire
CH KD’s Vermilion Scarlett Kat CD WCDee Nichols/Cynthia K Lindemer & Grant Lindemer2009Dam
CH Quill’s Kit and Caboodle CD JH MX MXJ WCIBetty King/Danika Bannasch & Michael Bannasch2009Dam
CH Lonetree’s Sagewood Keepsake VCD1 CDX JH RE TDEvelyn & Nelson Williams/Jody Petry, Michael Petry & Patricia A Bergan2009Dam
CH KD’s Gulf Sunshine CD RNDee Nichols/Laura D Smith2009Dam
NSDTRC CH Harbourlights Rip Tide NSDTRC CDX WCAvery Nickerson/Sue Dorscheid2008Sire
NSDTRC CH Cayuga’s Hanford Way WCLee Ann & Joseph Gleason/Rebecca Gilroy & Jean Gilroy2008Sire
NSDTRC CH Lennoxlove’ Cayuga Shandy NSDTRC CD WCLee Ann Gleason/Chuck Hoar & Claire Hoar2008Dam
NSDTRC CH Lonetree’s C. Quill Gordon AKC/NSDTRC CD WCXEvelyn & Nelson Williams/David & Betty King2008Sire
NSDTRC CH Lonetree’s Foxy Sagewood WCPatty Beran/Evelyn A Williams2008Sire
NSDTRC CH Lennoxlove’s Bronze Trinket NSDTRC CD RE WCMarile A Waterstraat & John Hamilton/John Hamilton2008Dam
Lennoxlove Skylark Cricket NSDTRC CD WCMarile A Waterstraat & John Hamilton/Laurie Geyer2008Dam
AKC/NSDTRC CH Springvale’s Roy’ll Flush MH NSDTRC CDX WCXSusan J Dorscheid/Susan J Dorscheid2008Sire
AKC/NSDTRC CH Lonetree G’s Parklake Sailor AKC/NSDTRC CD WCEvelyn A Williams/Jack & Peggy Park2008Sire
NSDTRC CH Lonetree’s Gem Adamantine AKC/NSDTRC CD RN AX OAJ WCEvelyn A Williams/George & Heather Green2008Dam
NSDTRC CH Cobscook’s Vermilion Wager NSDTRC CDX WCXClarence P White Jr/Kathy Koebensky-Como & Jamie Como2008Sire
KD’s Scarlet Starlet NSDTRC CDShirl DeVore/Dee A Nichols2008Dam
AKC/NSDTRC CH Driftwood’s Coastal Clipper AKC/NSDTRC CD RE JH WCICarol M Milbury/Carol M Milbury2008Sire
AKC/NSDTRC CH Berdia’s Mississippi Gambler CD WCXBernard J Barber/Jack & Peggy Park2008Sire
NSDTRC CH Cayuga’s Sugar Magnolia CD RA WCLee Ann Gleason/Christina Boquo, Peggy Park2008Dam
AKC/NSDTRC CH Foxgrove Springvale Windswept CD OA NAJ WCSusan Kish/Sue Dorscheid2008Dam
AKC/NSDTRC CH Decoymans Hunts Point Abby AKC/NSDTRC CD WCJ Norris/J Willis2008Dam
Skylarks Vermilion Madra ZevLaurie Geyer/Linda Culligan, Bruce & Kathy Kobensky-Como, Jamie Como2008Dam
AKC/NSDTRC CH Seastar’s Sadie Hawkins CD JH WCXJane Folkman/Jane Folkman2008Dam
Christmas CarolTheresa E Albert/Dee A Nichols2008Dam
CH Foxvale’s Lennoxlove PatriotMarile Waterstraat & John Hamilton/Jeffry & Deb Gibbs2008Sire
CH Kylador’s Bustin Thru Th’reedsLillian M Greensides & Karen Lynn Wright2008Sire