Inclusion on this site does not indicate an
endorsement by NSDTRC (USA).

The Club does not support any one breeder over another.

If you are looking for a puppy, please do your
homework when contacting breeders.

Finding the right breeder is the most important decision you will make.

What you want from a breeder:

Passion – The breeder is passionate about Tollers and committed to maintaining the health and integrity of the breed. They are knowledgeable about the history and health of the breed. They are members of the NSDTRC (USA), AKC, and/or Canadian Kennel Club, and/or United Kennel Club. They participate in dog events and/or hunt with their dog.

Honesty – The breeder accurately represents what they do or do not know about the health and genetics of both the puppy and the sire and dam. They are willing to let you into their home and/or kennel to meet their dogs, including the mother of the litter.

Communication – The breeder is comfortable answering all of your questions. They are responsive to your inquiries and open to meeting you.

Contract – The breeder provides you with a contract that guarantees the health of the puppy and they are willing to take the puppy back.

When you pick up your puppy the Breeder should give you
  • Copy of the contract
  • Health guarantee
  • The puppy’s pedigree
  • AKC registration application

Breeders in the NSDTRC (USA) Breeder Referral must:
  • Register all breeding stock with the AKC or affiliate registry.
  • Guarantee that breeding stock is clear of any non-breeding agreements.
  • Register health testing results as a part of the Toller CHIC program.
  • Provide registration papers, bill of sale, vet certificates and a 3 generation pedigree of the pup.
  • Apply annually and pay a fee to be listed. APPLY HERE

Complete Breeder Directory Criteria