• Tollers were originally bred for hunting and retrieving in the icy rivers of Nova Scotia.
  • Tolling is the action of the dog dancing, playing and retrieving objects from the shoreline to lure in waterfowl.
  • Hunters will hide in a blind and throw out a ball or stick for the dog to retrieve and play with. This action attracts waterfowl into gun range. Tollers then retrieve the fallen birds.
  • Tollers are great companions in both waterfowl and upland hunting. They love to work! Most Tollers are eager for the hunt and enthusiastic about working with their people.
  • Training a Toller to hunt is a fun and rewarding experience. They are the smallest and smartest of the retrievers. They can do everything the big boys can do – pound for pound they are the most efficient retrievers.
  • While most Tollers can be trained to hunt, some Tollers have a stronger instinct to hunt then others.
  • Make sure to let your breeder know if you are looking for a hunting companion so that they can match you with the right Toller.