NSDTRC (USA) Rescue Program

Dedicated to rescue, re-homing, and adoption of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

If you are interested in bringing a rescue Toller into your home, please download and read our Rescue Program General Information. We welcome you to fill out our Adoption Application.

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Meet Griffin – ADOPTED

Griffin is an 8-year-old male toller that was born on 7/24/2012.  His human person died and the wife tried to keep him, but this did not work out for her and she brought him to a shelter.  Our understanding was that the wife did not spend much time with him and he was quite neglected and left alone in a room.  Griffin is currently in training.  He is a bit nervous and needs a home that can provide a good structure and is willing to follow through with the training that has been started.  He needs a home without young children.  He is healthy and is up to date on all shots.  He understands basic obedience and is housebroken.  If you are interested, please reach out to rescue and complete our application.   

Griffin has now gone to his new forever home in Lancaster Pennsylvania with Jess and Jeremy and his new tollerlike friend, Charlie. They have worked with the trainer to understand his specific idiosyncrasies and he is doing well. The first comment we received from Jess about Griffin was, “He is literally perfect” which thrilled us!

Meet Coco – Update – ADOPTED!

Here’s a happy Coco with her new mom!!!

Hi everyone. My name is Coco. I am a 1 year old spayed female Toller who is currently being fostered in Texas. I am up to date on all my shots and I am heart worm negative. I am a little shy at first, but warm up very quickly. I love to have my belly rubbed. I am an early riser and wake up with lots of energy and enjoy morning walks. I would do best in a home without children and small dogs, as I am fearful of them. I am not sure how I am with cats, but would avoid them as I am afraid of small dogs. Loud noises and fast movements also scare me right now, but if you talk sweetly to me when I am afraid, I will come right back to you and recover quickly. I travel ok in the car, but do pant a bit. I like to sleep in a kennel. I am potty trained, but have had a few accidents in the foster home. I enjoy being active and enjoy physical stimulation. If you are interested in Coco, please contact us.

Kendall – UPDATE – ADOPTED! Renamed Kindle!!

Does this look like a happy girl???? You betcha!!? Kindle found her furever home and we’re so happy she did!

This was her story:

Kendall is looking for a forever home. She is around 2-3 yrs old, 20″ at shoulder, and weighs 43 lbs. She is very sweet, crate trained, a good eater, and gets along with male dogs. She has only been introduced to female dogs over a gate. She allows grooming, and appears to be housebroken but has not been left out of crate at the foster’s home when she is not home. She is scared after all she has been through with losing her home, being picked up as a stray & going to shelter, so will need someone with who will be patient with her until she gets comfortable. The foster is a female so we are not sure how she is with men. Kendall is up to date on all her shots, is spayed, and heartworm neg. Kendall is currently being fostered in South FL.

Meet Chester – UPDATE – ADOPTED!

Chester is a 7 year old male Toller. He is coming into rescue due to illness of his owner. He is currently in Pasadena. He is about 45 pounds. He is good with all dogs off leash. Pulls on leash at some other dogs, squirrels etc., especially close to home. He can heel easily when not distracted. He is current on all shots, has had physicals, has monthly grooming, teeth cleaning and nail trims. He has not been around cats and the current owner indicates he is probably better in a home without kids. He knows commands for heel, sit, lie down, nite nite (go to specified place) . Tricks include high five, bang bang, back up. The owner indicates he is quick to learn new tricks with treat incentives. Chester currently lives in a condo in Pasadena with no yard and she has a cabin in Lake Arrowhead, which he prefers so she believes he would be best with yard. He is very loving and is always at his owner’s side when she is at home. He is fine at home all day. He does have a cyst on his neck, but this has been checked multiple times by the vet and it is just a fatty lump. The owner prefers to slowly transition him to his new home with visits until he goes full-time. She says he has been sad with her being sick and unable to care for him. If you are interested in Chester, please e-mail us.

Meet Sasha – UPDATE – ADOPTED!!

This is Sasha. She is looking for a new forever home due to a family split up. She is about 20 inches tall at the shoulder and around 50 pounds. She has had no major medical problems and is up to date on all vaccinations. She is on a heart worm preventative. Sasha is house broken and kennel trained. When she naps, she usually likes to do it in her kennel. She is good about obeying simple commands. There is a specific hand gesture that she responds to really well for sitting, but she will often sit upon a voice command as well. She loves walking on a leash, but will sometimes get over excited about passers by. She is a very active girl and needs a home that will provide her with lots of exercise. She is sweet and loving and like most tollers, takes a moment to warm up to people. Once she does warm up, she is a great girl. She gets along well with other dogs, but has not been around small children, so a home without small children is preferred. She is about 2 years old and is currently living in Louisiana. If you are interested in providing a new forever home for Sasha, please let us know.

Daisy – ADOPTED!!

Daisy, has gone to her new furever home in Massachusetts!! Thank you for adopting this beauty!!

Daisy is estimated to be between 9 and 12 months old. She currently weighs around 30 lbs. She is a pretty typical Toller (like) puppy and has energy to spare. She is pretty smart and is learning some basic obedience pretty quickly. She is also very inquisitive and wants to check out everything you are doing. She has a head tilt that is just too cute. She likes to go for walks and will be enthusiastic at the start, but will settle into the walk pretty quickly. We are working on teaching her to retrieve, but she likes to tug. She loves chewing, so best to have plenty of appropriate things for her to chew on. She likes playing with other dogs, but needs to learn appropriate play behaviors. She would likely do best with dogs her own size and bigger (she can be too rough with smaller dogs). Her house training is pretty good, but she is a puppy and needs to be let out accordingly. She is very good in her crate and only cries a tiny bit before settling down. Daisy is currently being fostered in NJ. If you are interested in her, please contact Toller Rescue.

Minnie Adopted!!

Beautiful Minnie in her furever home!

Minnie is in need of a new forever home.Minne was found in a shelter in Illinois. She is currently being fostered. Minnie has many good qualities. Minnie is about 3 years old and housebroken. She walks well on a leash and knows Sit and Stay. They’re working on Leave it. Minnie learns fast and is a very smart girl. She is loving and affectionate with her family. She likes to den up in a corner or under a table. She loves her kennel. She can be toy and food possessive. She needs to be in an experienced home. Minnie is spayed, has no health problems and is up to date on shots. Please consider Minnie for your next furry animal!!

Chip – ADOPTED!!

Chip turned out to be such a wonderful dog that the foster family could not part with him. He is happy and loved living in Tennessee!

Chip is a one-year old Duck Tolling Retriever looking for his forever home. We don’t know much about his past other than he was picked up as a stray and rescued out of a shelter in rural Tennessee. He is very active, curious, and loves to be around people. He wants to sleep in the same room as his owners and DOES NOT go in a crate. He did not do well at the shelter in a crate. He needs a large fenced in backyard with an active family who wants to run and play with him. He does well with children, but jumps and gets excited when the kids run and play. He walks well on a leash, can sit on command, loves to play in a sprinkler, chews up toys, dog beds, etc., and doesn’t always come back to you when he is called. Overall, he is a young dog who still needs continued training, but he is very treat motivated and learns quickly. He does well with other dogs after being introduced, but would not do well in a home with another dog that is dominate.’ He would do well in a home with another young dog companion who has as much energy as he does to run and play. Chip currently weighs 40 pounds, is heartworm negative and up to date on all of his shots.’ He is looking for a family who is willing to train him and show him lots of love. He is currently being fostered in East Tennessee.


Peaches now goes by the name of Sophia and here she is pictured with her furever family!!

Peaches is a 6-7 (estimated) month old Duck Tolling Retriever- we don’t know much about her past, other than she was found in a field around Christmas. She is the sweetest girl and loves to give affection. She is mostly potty trained- we were actually surprised at how good she was once we got her settled. She loves to cuddle and please her owners. She gets along well with other dogs and young children ( our daughter is 18 months). As a puppy she has lots of energy and loves to run in the backyard. She does well in her crate during the day, and is already picking up on dog training very quickly! She will make a great addition to an active home.


Pictured in her new forever home!!

Pixie is a 1 year old female Toller that is looking for a forever home. Pixie is well suited to a loving, active family with some property, no small children and no other dogs! Pixie does not always get along with other dogs and may try to dominate the other dog, which is why it is recommended she be the only dog in the home. Pixie loves the water, agility drills and retrieving! A pool, waterfront or access to swimming would make her very happy. Pixie is house broken and knows basic obedience. She is brilliant and with the right space and love will prove to be a reliable and all around great dog.


Trent is a very sweet, but slightly oversized Toller weighing 60 lbs. He does walk nicely on a leash and ez-walk harness which is a step in type, except when he sees other dogs, always wants to go play with them. He knows sit. It is currently hard to find food that motivates him, which does make training a bit harder. He is perfectly housebroken. Not a single accident the entire time. He would do best in a home with another dog, particular one that would play with him.He does retrieve, he just does this slowly. He likes to carry things around in his mouth and will pick up random things he finds (like my socks). Never does anything to hurt whatever he is carrying around and happy to trade my sock for a dog toy. He has a super sweet loving personality. Wouldn’t hurt a fly. Loves to just be right by you and wants to be involved in everything you are doing. Trent is in foster care in New Jersey. Please consider adopting Trent!!!


Emily outside playing fetch! We’ve officially finished clicker training with an AKC trainer!

Post bath last week! I caught her jumping up to say hi to my little sister, Catherine.

Lauren Hearit, Emily’s new mom reports that Emily continues to do well and is adjusting nicely. Her anxiety seems to have dropped (except during storms, but a thunder jacket and letting her hide in my closet seem to help) and after her spay in November, her coat has come in beautifully! She met the family Toller over Christmas and both did well together. She continues to love going on walks and playing fetch. I’m taking her to the cottage up on Lake Michigan this weekend, and am looking forward to being able to take her on walks up there. I continue to be grateful you entrusted Emily with me!! She is so very sweet and has brought me much joy!!!


A new update from Titus new mom, Bonnie:

Titus loves the water to lay and splash in no swimming. We gave him a coat thinning for the summer so he can stay cool. We have found an activity that he is excelling in, It is called the barn hunt. He is still in novice mode but his nose is so on task that his timing at finding the rats is really impressive. Will try to get some on video. He continues to improve on his social behavior and interacts well with other dogs. Strange men seem to bother him most but as long as we introduce them to him he does well.

UPDATE!! Stella is adopted!! Her new name is Bonnie. We’re so happy for Bonnie and her new home!

Stella is a beautiful young girl, 2-3 years old.She is about 17-18 inches tall and weighs 37 lbs. She is extremely sweet and wants more than anything to be loved and petted. She has also liked every dog she has met! Stella was treated for heartworms so will need to be kept quiet and leash walked for the next 6 weeks. She is up to date on all shots and is healthy. Stella is housebroken. She deserves a family that will love her forever! She will give back equally in the devotion she shows. Please consider adopting Stella!!

Update!!! – Cody is adopted!!! His new name is Jake and from these pictures he has found a wonderful forever home!!

This is Cody. He is estimated to be a 4 year old neutered male. In an effort to remove?mats when he was brought into the first shelter, they cut his beautiful Toller fur, but it is evident that this will grow back. He gets along well with other dogs. He saw a cat in the vet’s office and approached it calmly; cat reared up and hissed and he backed up and barked, which is a normal reaction. He’s not interested in chewing on anything but my vet said his canines are worn down. He’s well mannered; does not jump up on us at all and loads into a car with no issues. He walks nicely on a leash. He is happy in a crate with no whining or barking at all. He does have an uneven gait which the Vet indicated was from an old toe injury and will not cause any problems in his long term health or movement.? He is up to date with shots and worming. Please consider adopting this handsome boy!!

If you have a Toller to surrender, or if you think you have a Toller in your shelter, please contact
Janis Dibert our National Rescue Coordinator. Your inquiry will be forwarded to the appropriate Regional Coordinator for follow-up.

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